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About CyberHome

About CyberHome
Farhill & Lily of CyberHome
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CyberHome Mission

CyberHome website established by CyberHome Workrom. Purpose is popularizing knowledge of wireless communication network. We provide simple, secure and reliable solutions for home networking. At same time tracking broad wireless network technology development for users and manufacturers to provide market information and demand. We also involves related mobile communications, satellite communications, digital trunked communications, bluetooth communications, infrared communications, and etc. We have website message and Email for technological exchanges.

CyberHome Audience

CyberHome is the type of professional computer network website. Our main target audience is general users and home network manufacturers, the relevant industry manufacture practitioners, including various types of equipment providers, service providers, outsourcing service providers, information technology industry executives, etc.

CyberHome Logo

Please visit the CyberHome logo, which is located in the upper left side of the website.

The Members Resume

Farhill graduated from university in 1997. He was responsible for well logging data interpretation and processing at the SUN Workstation from Jul 1997 to Oct 2000 in Tuha Petroleum Geophysics Research Academe of CNPC. In 2001, he engaged financial transactions platform system integration services and securities products in Homeway Information Technology Co., Ltd. In 2002, he with partner worked at development of wireless broadband networking products and wireless network systems integration services. He set up CyberHome ( ) and NewStock ( ) Website in 2003.

Lily graduated from university in 1999. She was responsible for software development in Xi'an Seastar Scien-tech Co., Ltd.. She worked for software development at Xi'an Oil Cenozoic Software Ltd. in 2002. She was responsible for for outsourcing software development at Shaanxi Jinye Co., Ltd. in 2003.

CyberHome Workroom will be devoted the website to a comprehensive professional information, classification clearly, locate convenient home network website.

The 263IDC Network provided virtual mainframe from May 2003 to May 2006, Virtual mainframe is provided by HiChina Network from May 8, 2006 to now.


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